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Cloudloop Device Manager


Imagine you have installed RockREMOTE IoT satellite terminals at different sites that are remote and far away from your headquarters. What happens if you need to access essential system information on these units or there is a need to reboot the terminal or extract service logs? You would probably need to go to the locations where these units are installed physically.

These site visits will incur a heavy financial cost including time and resources. With that in mind, you would want to be able to access these terminals remotely from your office via a secure connection.

CDM - The solution

Cloudloop Device Manager is a secure, cloud hosted solution, designed for the RockREMOTE satellite terminal, that enables IoT / M2M customers in sectors such as utilities to remotely access, diagnose and manage the functionality of their unit that’s deployed in hard-to-reach, or physically dangerous locations using a laptop or any other connected device from the comfort of their office.

Customers want to be able to get essential information, be alerted to certain conditions, such as a device unexpectedly going offline as well as monitor the health status and location of the remote unit.

Users need access and control to the RockREMOTE device when intervention is required, such as rebooting the terminal. They also want the ability for an efficient service to device communication, initiated only from the platform interface to keep satellite data usage low.

CDM enables our customers to use their human resources wisely, and send personnel on site visits only when needed, not for unnecessary routine checks when all is well.

Key features and benefits:

  • Remotely access RockREMOTE configuration and status information, removing the resource and cost needed for a physical site visit.
  • Access service and system logs to enable remote troubleshooting.
  • Device remote reboot, a restart will often solve a problem.
  • Upgrade satellite modem firmware over-the-air with ability to upgrade device application coming soon.
  • Intuitive web user interface with map-based location view of installed devices making it easy to view and navigate to each device.
  • Set device connection alerts and notifications, to provide visibility of problem devices.
  • Efficient service to device communication, initiated only from the platform interface to keep satellite data use low.
  • Secure cloud hosted platform, securely connected end to end, with CDM data segregated and routed separately from customer application data.

CDM data is transmitted over the Iridium IP network and counted against the active airtime plan. Although every effort has been made to perform data transfer in the most efficient way, some actions may use a significant amount of data and therefore use a significant proportion of the monthly data allowance, or potentially incur overage charges.

CDM Network & Security Architecture


The CDM solution provides the capability for you to monitor, manage and initiate basic command functions to your RockREMOTE terminal.

The data is routed from the RockREMOTE local management port through the Iridium Certus IP Network and into the Ground Control Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) via a secure connection.

The solution’s end-to-end secure network allows for CDM data to be segregated and routed separately from the customer application data. In addition, the data transfer has been optimised to reduce network traffic, enabling you to have total control over your satellite data transmissions.