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Before you commence installation of RockREMOTE please ensure that you have considered the following items.

  1. You have read and fully understood the provided instruction material
  2. You have a physical installation plan for the Device and Antenna
    • With the appropriate connections to power and any equipment that you wish to connect to the device
    • Ensuring that the available antenna cable length is properly considered
  3. You have all the required additional equipment needed. Including:
    • An appropriate power supply unit
    • RJ45 ethernet cable and laptop for device configuration
    • A TNC male 50 Ohm RF terminator if the device is to be used in testing without a connected antenna
    • An appropriate antenna mounting solution
  4. You have a clear end to end service design with the appropriate land network connections in place

If your solution also requires a Cellular connection you will require:

  • An appropriate cellular SIM
  • A Cellular data network plan
  • An LTE antenna
document revision 102, 31 October 2023