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Getting Started

To access the RockREMOTE Management Console to be able to configure and manage the device parameters the following items are required:

  1. A powered up RockREMOTE Device
  2. An RJ45 ethernet cable
  3. A laptop computer with an ethernet port, and internet browser and Wifi connection disabled

Connect the ethernet cable to the LAN port on the RockREMOTE device ad the other end to the laptop computer.


The RockREMOTE ethernet port supports speeds up to 1GBps full duplex and can be directly connected to a LAN device or to a network switch if multiple device connections are required.

The RockREMOTE LAN LED will indicate when a connection has been established.

Open a browser window on the laptop computer and enter the following URL:

You will be presented with the Management Console login page

Username: admin

Password: rockremote