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Introducing RockREMOTE Mini

RockREMOTE Mini is an addition to the RockREMOTE family of Iridium Certus 100 products, currently in development by Ground Control.

RockREMOTE Mini will be available as complete IP67 rugged terminal suitable for permanent installation in outdoor locations, and also as an 'OEM' PCBA version intended to be designed into other systems.

Aa a lower-power alternative to other RockREMOTE products, it offers an Ethernet interface and full TCP/IP stack as well as an IMT messaging interface.

IP67 rugged terminal RockREMOTE Lite OEM

OEM PCBA version



These documents are intended to provide early access information to interested parties during the development process. Whilst we strive to maintain accuracy, any part of the specification or design of these products may change without notice.

These documents were last reviewed for accuracy on March 19th 2024.