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Safety Information

Before Installation

Ensure that you have read and understood this manual completely prior to installation or use.

Check that your application does not exceed the safe operating specifications for the device.

This device should only be installed by qualified personnel.

Only use equipment or accessories supplied with the device or listed as approved accessories by Ground Control.

This unit should be installed into an apparatus cabinet, or similar, where access is restricted to service personnel only.

The LAN network interface is only for connection within the same equipment, or same mains ring.

Power supply must be approved as a Limited Power Source under IEC 60950-1 or Annex Q of IEC 62368-1, or as a PS2 (or lower) power source under clause 6 of IEC 62368-1. It must also be approved as a SELV device under IEC 60950-1 or ES1 level source under IEC 62368-1.

The power supply wiring must be sufficiently fused, and if necessary it must be possible to manually disconnect the power supply by switching off the power then removing the 2-way DC IN terminal block. Ensure compliance to national installation regulations.

This unit uses convection cooling. Make sure that the unit is installed such as its ambient temperature is within its specified maximum/minimum temperature.


Do not open connected unit. Hazardous voltage may occur within this unit when connected to power supply.

Prevent access to hazardous voltages by fully disconnecting the unit from its power supply.

Prevent damage to internal electronics from electrostatic discharges (ESD) by discharging your body to a grounding point (e.g. use of wrist strap).

Warning - Regarding radio units (RED directive)

Observe the usage limitations of radio units at filling stations, in chemical plants, in systems with explosives or potentially explosives locations.

The devices may not be used in airplanes. Exercise particular caution near personal medical aids, such as pacemakers and hearing aids.

Never perform work on the antenna system during a thunderstorm.

The units are generally designed for normal indoor use. Do not expose them to extraordinary environmental conditions. Protect them against dust, aggressive chemical atmospheres and humidity or temperatures outside specifications.

document revision 102, 31 October 2023